Honey, I Joined A Cult is out in Early Access

Publisher Team17 and studio Sole Survivor Games released their debut project to Steam early access: a simulator of a religious cult leader in the spirit of 1970s Honey, I Joined a Cult. The game is sold at a release discount, for 665 rubles. Owners of games in The Escapists or The Survivalists receive an additional discount.

The authors have already revealed what updates are being prepared as part of Early Access. Major innovations include night activities, leader requests, and new themed objects for cult design.

So far, developers are not sure if they can add support to the game custom modifications. But it is already available with a number of localizations, including Russian โ€” although mistakes and errors are not excluded.

In the game, we have to invent any crazy cult and become its leader. So that our sectarians don‘t get bored and stop bringing money, we’ll have to monitor their mood, send them to operations and develop a cult base.

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