Hong Kong police arrest 90 demonstrators

Hong Kong police arrested 90 people demonstrating against the postponement of the elections and the controversial Security Act. Tear gas was also fired at the activists.

The parliamentary elections scheduled for today were postponed by the authorities for a year at the end of July due to the corona crisis. Critics say, however, that there are political motives.

One of the detainees is suspected of violating the security law, reports the South China Morning Post newspaper. It is said to have issued pro-independence reports.

Unlawful acts

Demonstrators who attacked the police have also been arrested, writes Hong Kong police on Facebook. The police warned participants to immediately stop ‘all unlawful acts’.

The deteriorating coronavirus situation is cited as the main reason for the postponement; voter health could not be guaranteed. This lecture is not accepted by everyone. The pro-democracy opposition hoped to achieve a great victory.

Beijing introduced the National Security Act at the end of June. The law was intended to put an end to the long-running unrest in Hong Kong. Since March last year, massive demonstrations have been held against the growing influence of Beijing.