Hong Kong Protest Club Blows Out Almost Last Breath

In Hong Kong, nine prominent activists were sentenced to jail on Wednesday for their role in the commemoration of the Heavenly Peace Square massacre last year. Penalties vary between six and ten months.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) censors all references to the capital massacre on June 4, 1989. Hong Kong was one of the few places in China where victims were commemorated annually. Last year, however, Hong Kong Alliance was denied permission for the commemoration for the first time because of the coronavirus there was a ban on gathering. Tens of thousands of people have come to light a candle in Victoria Park, where the memorial always takes place.

The Hong Kong court finds that irresponsible. Ignoring the ban would have put the defendants unnecessarily endangered the health of their city peers. โ€œThey have been so arrogant to mistakenly believe that their mission is more important,โ€ said the judge. Of the convicted activists, six people are involved in Hong Kong Alliance.

Protest Club

The Hong Kong organization has for years called for the end of the CCPs โ€œone-party dictatorshipโ€. A ruling that could lead to a lifetime imprisonment under the national security act. Earlier this month, four Hong Kong Alliance leaders were arrested as the organization refused to hand over detailed information about its members to Hong Kong Police. Police have also invaded a museum where the prodemocratic organization held exhibitions celebrating victims of the 1989 massacre

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Hong Kong Alliance is expected to lift itself as one of the last activist organizations in Hong Kong at any time. โ€œThe situation in Hong Kong has deteriorated rapidly over the past year. Yet I think Hong Kongers will find a way to stand up for what we believe in,โ€ said Richard Tsoi of Hong Kong Alliance.