Honor of Kings became the highest-grossing mobile game of December 2020

According to the analytics firm Sensor Tower, Honor of Kings became the highest-grossing mobile game in December 2020. Last month, MOBA earned $258 million, up 58% from December 2019. At the same time 96% of income brought by Chinese residents.

Pubg Mobile holds the second line. The battle royale earned over $177 million, up just 7.

5% from a year earlier. Spenses of gamers from China amounted to 56% .

Closes three leaders Genshin Impact. In December 2020, Action RPG earned $163.

5 million, and the games total revenue since its release reached nearly $560 million. At the same time in December, residents of China for the first time took not the first place in spending, losing to gamers from Japan (30.

3%) . The first five also included Pokemon GO ($159.

3 million) and Roblox (record $138. 7 million, which is 75% more than in December 2019).

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