Honorary duel between Cambuur and Utrecht after twenty (!) shut down seconds

The league match between SC Cambuur and FC Utrecht stopped after twenty seconds on Sunday. Supporters outside the stadium threw fireworks on the field. A few minutes later, things went wrong again.
The stadiums in the Premier League and Kitchen Champion Division closed to the public for at least a week, but that didn‘t stop several dozen supporters of Cambuur from breaking through the fences. First, fireworks were thrown onto the field and the game could resume quickly, but after eight minutes things went wrong again: ‘fans‘ entered the stadium and set fireworks off again.
Cambuur-trainer Henk de Jong walked personally to the supporters to address them. Not much later, the wheelturners left the stadium again and football could be played again. Earlier this weekend, it was already a hassle with supporters in Den Bosch, Velsen, Alkmaar, Almelo and Rotterdam. Two weeks ago, when there was still a public welcome in the stadiums, things went wrong several times.

Duel shut down after 19 seconds. Supporters try to get through the fence pic.twitter.com/c0fwUg6rVD
โ€” Stef de Bont (@stefdebont_vi) November 21, 2021

And it’s still again. Supporters have come in pic.twitter.com/OUmYQVHww0
โ€” Stef de Bont (@stefdebont_vi) November 21, 2021