Hood authors: Outlaw & Legends shown playing for Robin Hood

Studio Sumo Digital, which works on network action film Hood: Outlaws & Legends, with the help of IGN presented another pieces of gameplay. They focused on how the shooter Robin, one of the four characters of the game, feels. The shooter, as it is necessary to the class, does not get involved in melee, preferring to stay at a distance.

His particular skill is evasion, and after him he can take a sighting shot to the head. And he is able to determine the location of the sheriff, the only character who can deal with the detachment with one blow.

Robin skillfully enjoys the distance and highly located shelters. From there, he can both eliminate opponents, using exploding arrows, and facilitate the passage of others by launching arrows with tied rope.

Hood: Outlaw & Legends will go out to the RS and PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X consoles on May 10. Those who place a pre-order will be able to start playing three days early, as early as May 7.

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