Hoogma: ‘Vloet should never have been included in the competition selection’

Nico-Jan Hoogma joins Heracles Almelo on 15 June as technical director, but on Wednesday he made his first important decision by not joining forces with Carlos Vicens. The former defender claims to act in club rank.
Vicens was scheduled to be in front of the group at Heracles next season, but both sides have come to the decision to refrain from doing so. โ€œWe talked extensively with Carlos about the new situation after the club‘s relegation. We felt doubts from both sides and we cannot use that,โ€ says Tim Gilissen’s successor at his presentation, quoted by TC/Tubantia. โ€œThere must be one hundred percent focus and commitment to get Heracles back into the Premier League as soon as possible.โ€
Hoogma is determined to succeed. โ€œHeracles is in my heart, this is my club,โ€ he emphasizes. The new board member saw the Almeloans slowly slide off last season, starting with the Rai Vloet affair. โ€œHe never should have not been included in the competition selection after the fatal accident,โ€ says Hoogma, who also saw Heracles demoted. โ€œIt hurts me a lot.โ€