Horde Mode will appear in DOOM Eternal on October 26

Bethesda has unveiled a new DOOM Eternal 6. 66 teaser that will bring Horde mode to the game on October 26. In addition, with the update, the game will include Battlemode 2.

0 with two new master levels and an arena. And in Horde mode, users will need to fend off waves of enemies, earning points and various rewards.

Today, developers are expected to give a more detailed look at the new mode by talking about its features. More on Gamemania The new Tiny Tinas Wonderlands video features two gaming classes Warhammer 40,000 Authors: Chaos Gate โ€” Daemonhunters talked about mechanics WarnerMedia chapter on the fate of โ€œDune 2: โ€œThe answer is obvious by the finale of the first partโ€.