Horizon Forbidden West authors talk about Eloys image and plot

In a new Playstation Blog note, Horizon Forbidden West authors talked about the change in Eloys image and plot. According to screenwriter Ben McCaw, Eloy is no longer an outcast โ€” after her accomplishment in the original, the girl became one of the most important personas in the world. But even though the heroine has learned the secrets of the past and met allies, her mission to save the future is not over.

In Forbidden West, players will face a new threat that could be seen in the trailers – a strange red contagion that has consumed lands. In a break between the two parts, Eloy has been trying for six months to find a way to stop this epidemic It was partially recounted in the Titan Comics comic book series.

McCaw added that it was important for first-time authors to convey the heroines emotionality and intelligence, making her act more convincing in the sequel. For example, because Eloy grew up as an outcast, she seeks to help the offended, but can never feel in place in the company of friends.

In addition, one of the themes of the sequel will be the absence of Eloys native home. Also at the beginning of the sequel, her character will be similar to the original, but will change after a series of events in the sequel.

The creators also added new details to the duel system, as well as the process of exploring the world. For example, you can now use a hookgrip and a glider in the form of a wing shield.

The team spent a lot of time creating new artistic images, animations, and other little things. For example, more attention has been paid to outfits, and there will be members of the Utaru tribe, who hardly existed in the original.

With them will come new types of tasks and materials from which you can sew clothes for style. At Forbidden West, the detail and realism of what is happening has greatly increased โ€” with PlayStation 5 technology, the authors have increased the number of skeleton connections of the models and brought flexibility to face animation to new heights.

At the same time, the PlayStation 4 version of the game, according to the creators, is not inferior in quality. Among other innovations, the shapes and surfaces on the characters are made more realistic (the same clothes and so on), and the number of polygons on different outfits has grown.

There are a lot of the latter in the game, and they have skills tied to one model or another. For this purpose we have come up with a new pumping tree, which they promise to tell you about later.

Also, the developers recalled that they often release manuals on how to create costumes for cosplayers. For example, the Eloy Suit โ€œUtaru Reaperโ€ costume from the sequels gameplay video is already on the list.

All in all, the team has put together a large catalog of materials that should help those who wish to. Horizon Forbidden West will be released on February 18, 2022 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and PS4 owners will be able toupgrade to the PS5 edition for free.

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