Horizon screenwriter Zero Dawn joins Removed authors

Stormind Games studio, known for horror series Removed, announced it was moving to a new level. In the near future, the company will present its new and completely original project, which is created including for consoles of the new generation. To work on the future game, the studio attracted new members teams.

She was joined by Ann Toole, who won the U. S.

Screenwriters Guild Award for Horizon Zero Dawn. She also worked on the script for the first part of โ€œThe Witcherโ€ and action film Days Gone.

In future play, Toole will serve as a storytelling consultant. In addition to her, the work will include Ron Fish, one of the composers of God of War and Batman: Arkham series, as well as the concept artist of the series Assassins Creed (Liberation, Black Flag, Rogue, Syndicate) Borislav Mitkov.

The head and co-founder of Stormind Games stated that the studio aims to constantly raise the bar and reach new heights. And it is very important for them that recognized professionals like Anne Toole immediately believed in the success of the future project.

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