Horner after third place Verstappen in Belgium: ‘Making one-stop shopping impossible’

Max Verstappen called the Belgian Grand Prix boring. His team boss at Red Bull, Christian Horner, used the term soporific on Sunday night.

“Actually we have to make the grand prixs in which only one pit stop is necessary, Red Bull. Those races are never going to be interesting otherwise”, Horner predicted.

Verstappen signed on at Spa-Francorchamps with third place for his sixth podium finish in a row. That’s why the boss of Red Bull Racing wanted to look at the positive side.

“We’re outsiders for the world title. We are the only race stable that can keep up with Mercedes and Max is the only rival of Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas”

Horner just wanted to say that in this bizarre Formula 1 season it’s still possible in all directions. “Things can tip over quickly. We’ve only had seven races out of seventeen. This time Mercedes was extremely dominant. At Red Bull we need a little more engine power to really attack. I refuse to accept that the championship is over.”

More strategies

The leadership of Formula 1 can also contribute to a more exciting race course. In that case, the races where only one pit stop is needed should disappear. “You have to have different strategies for exciting races. Two- or three-stoppers, so with teams that prefer to make different choices. That’s what F1 should work on”, is the opinion of Verstappens boss.

Verstappen is 47 points behind in the championship. “I understand there wasn’t a crack at it for the viewer. I know it’s going to be a boring story, but we’re really getting closer to Mercedes. I’ve told it before”, Horner looked to the future. “But it really is.”

Even more advantages

According to Horner there are more positive points to think about. “Actually we are driving a season that will last another year and a half. We will also be driving this car in 2021, so it is essential to keep developing. Maybe then we can really enter the World Cup battle. I know it’s still progressing.”