Horriksen: Eriksen collapses on the field and needs to be resuscitated

Horrible images from Copenhagen, where Christian Eriksen suddenly collapses during the Denmark and Finland match. The attacking midfielder does not seem conscious and the brothers running on the field seem to resuscitate him. The cameras are taking away from the situation.
The players of both sides are very shocked and that shows how serious the situation is. It seemed that the attacking midfielder of Denmark and Internazionale did not get involved in a duel and thus suddenly collapsed. The game has now been shut down and fans, players and staff clearly dont know what to do.
It is of no importance at the moment, but the Parken stand is 0-0, and the two teams are part of pool B, which also includes Belgium and Russia. It is still unclear whether the match can be played out and what consequences it will have for the tournament. At least the UEFA has indicated that there will be no football for the time being.

The UEFA EURO 2020 match in Copenhagen has been suspended due to a medical emergency.
— UEFA (@UEFA) June 12, 2021