Horror series Fatal Frame returns, but in the form of a pachinko automaton

In December 2001, the first of the games of the famous horror series Zero, known in the West as Fatal Frame, saw light. And for the twentieth anniversary of the series, its fans were waiting for Koei Tecmo and Nintendo to announce a new part or at least restart games from PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo 3DS and Wii. The announcement of the new part really sounded, but turned out to be not the one you wanted to hear.

Fatal Frame, or Zero, returns. But only as a slot machine pachyslot.

In the trailer dedicated to the future machine we see the heroine of the first part of Fatal Frame. Miku once again ends up in the spooky Himuro mansion inhabited by ghosts.

And he finds in it a โ€œone-armed banditโ€: the same pachislot, which is carried almost all Japanese games. Until December, the real anniversary of the Fatal Frame, there is still enough time.

And the high-resolution scenes from the first game of the series give hope that Nintendo, which owns all the rights, will not be limited to the โ€œmachineโ€ release. And yet the latest part of the series about Ghost hunting with the help of camera obscura remains Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water, which came out in 2015 on Wii U.

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