Horror-slasher The Unliving goes into early access on October 26

Publisher Team17 named the premiere date for RocketBrush, the studio‘s debut project. A role-playing action with bagel elements The Unliving will appear on Steam’s early access on October 26. In The Unliving, we‘ll get the role of a villain, a powerful necromancer who challenged the world of people.

Combining slasher with real-time strategy, the game must say a new word in the RPG. every run on procedurally generated worlds will be distinguished by an assortment of enemies, artifacts and secrets.

Our necromancer will have to learn from every failed attempt to successfully defeat the opposing forces of humanity. Players will have to kill ordinary opponents and powerful bosses to attach their reincarnation to their army.

And by collecting notes, knocking answers out of enemies and studying ancient artifacts, we can recover fragments of the necromancer’s memory to learn about the true nature of his immortality and uncover the mystery of his companion – phylactery. More on Gaming Park Beyond Authors Promise We Can Perform Any Fancy The Artists of Farming Simulator 22 showed the gameplay of the Alpha Test Simulator Synced: Off Planet kicks off September 3.