Horror The Dark Pictures: The Devil In Me will be released on November 18

Bandai Namco reported at gamescom 2022 that the new installment of the horror anthology The Dark Pictures subtitled The Devil In Me, contrary to recent rumors, will be released on November 18. The game will be available on both generations of Xbox and PlayStation, as well as PC, completing the first season of the series. Updated: Some time after the release date was announced, the developers presented a fresh Trailer.

Recall that the plot of The Devil in Me is based on the story of Henry Holmes, the first American serial killer. The crew making a documentary about him receives a mysterious invitation to Murder Castle, a replica of the hotel built by Holmes, in which he tortured and killed guests and Employee.

The main role in The Devil in Me, a character named Kate Wilder, is played by Irish actress and singer Jesse Buckley, known for the TV series Chernobyl and Fargo, as well as Also earlier, developers from Supermassive Games, who noted Until Dawn and the recent The Quarry, published system requirements and screenshots of the game. More on Gambling Battle with the mechanical monsters of the dark city in the new Lies of P gameplay Phil Spencer sees progress in approving the deal between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard Dangers, drama and clicks in the release trailer of The Last of Us.