Horrors, robonemesis and saga finale are Metroid Dreads first details

Nintendo‘s main announcement at E3 2021 was the fifth Metroid with the terrifying subtitle Dread. The idea of the game was born 16 years ago, but only in the third iteration thanks to MercurySteam’s efforts managed to be brought to fruition. Producer Yoshio Sakamoto worried that the idea would eventually have to be abandoned at all.

Metroid: Dread has been in development for about four years โ€” production started after a successful collaboration with MercurySteam on Metroid: Samus Returns (remake of the second parts), where in Dread some of the mechanics came from. Interview with ProducerThe story will be the finale of Samus and Metroid saga โ€” what exactly it means, no one elaborates, but it‘s not the last Metroid.

Just the ending of one of the storylines. Samus in Dread goes to the planet ZDR in search of missing lapse robots who were looking for the X-Men parasite โ€” among humans, only the heroine has immunity to to him, so the girl ended up alone.

She will have to understand what happened here and escape from a dangerous place. In addition to the usual adversaries, one will encounter EMMY robots who patrol the terrain in search of trespassers โ€” they are destroyed on the spot.

If Samus goes Emmys, she’ll be killed right away. Gameplay is built around aggressive stealth โ€” you can only kill robots with special weapons, which is extremely rare, so most of the time you have to hide and run away from the pursuers.

In this regard, they resemble Mr. X from Resident Evil‘s remake 2.

Gameplay without commentMetroid: Dread is released October 8 only on Nintendo Switch. More on Gomania City of Gangsters Mafia Control Simulator can already be pre-ordered In Epic Games Store, you can give Overcooked free of charge! 2 and Hell is Other Demons Authors of DC’s โ€œTitansโ€ introduced Scarecrow and Barbara Gordon from the series.