Hospital department Winterswijk quarantine after corona outbreak


the department for lung diseases and cardiology at the Koningin Beatrix Regional Hospital in Winterswijk, several patients and employees were tested positively for the coronavirus. There is a withdrawal stop for the time being, and the patients who have already been admitted are in quarantine.

According to the hospital, not all coronas can be traced. All employees who have been in the relevant nursing department in the last ten days and have complaints are tested. Patients who have stayed in the department for more than 24 hours during the period of risk but have been discharged have also been asked to go into quarantine.

Current patients are not allowed to leave the ward unless they are moved to the corona department or require IC assistance. According to a spokesman, care doesnt get in the crap. โ€œNot all employees have been tested positively,โ€ she says to Omroep Gelderland. โ€œProtected work is being carried out in the department. We can let the care go on.โ€

No visit possible

The withdrawal stop is still valid for ten days. New patients who still need treatment will be placed in other departments where possible. Visiting is also not possible for the time being, with the exception of terminal patients.

When patients are adequately refurbished, they can finish their quarantine at home.