Hospital Enschede attacked by rioters

A hospital in Enschede was attacked by rioters on Sunday night around 11:00 p.m. After it had been restless earlier in the city centre and the ME had to perform, the rioters moved to the MST Hospital, a little south of the center.

A spokesman for the hospital says there was an attempt to throw in the emergency room windows. โ€œBut that didn‘t work out. It’s horrible that we‘re being targeted now. It is precisely the people who have worked so hard during this coronacrisis.โ€ Also, there would have been thrown with fireworks. โ€œEven our hospital… I don’t know what to say anymore. Very sad,โ€ reports local VVD councillor Rachel Denneboom on Twitter.

Also elsewhere in the city it was restless and the police acted.

In several Dutch cities, Sunday evening was restless and destroyed. Many people came together to take action against curfew.

A police spokesman didn‘t want to go into the incident specifically. However, the police tweeted #Enschede Online circulates a video that gives the impression that earlier in the evening a window of the hospital was killed. That’s not right. There are no windows killed from the hospital.โ€