Hospital in Limburg does not care about prikstop AstraZeneca

The Zuyderland Medical Center in South Limburg today writes a letter of fire to the cabinet, the Health Council and the RIVM: โ€œWe cant wait any longer. Not a day longer. Our ICs are full of thirties, forties and fifties.โ€ The hospital is considering offering employees the Astrazeneca vaccines that the hospital has been refrigerated.

The hospital writes in the letter about a patient who was admitted today after refusing the Astrazeneca vaccine. โ€œWe heard the tremendous regret in his voice and saw the despair in his eyes,โ€ writes the hospital, which accuses the cabinet of vaccination swab policy. โ€œThe virus has taken down this patient, and it may not have had to.โ€

In the letter, the lung scan of the patient in question is added, and the hospital writes: โ€œYou do not need to be a pulmonologist to recognize the devastation. You dont have to be an epidemiologist to identify the risks of non-vaccination.โ€

The hospital appeals to Minister Hugo de Jonge and writes: โ€œWe no longer knowingly cooperate in avoidable damage in Zuyderland. Would you please stop blowing and sowing turmoil, insinuating that you offer security by having everything looked out properly first?โ€

According to the hospital, the figures showing the benefits of mass vaccination are overwhelming. โ€œThey really dont lie. Then lets bring the maximum speed nationwide! Let people decide whether they want to avoid a situation like the one in which our patient has ended up.โ€

David Jongen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Zuyderland, hopes that it will be decided that the extra Pfizervaccin that will be delivered will go to the hospitals first. โ€œIf that becomes known, we will not prick our stock of AstraZeneca.โ€

Boy today received a lot of messages from colleagues in other hospitals. โ€œMaybe thirty apps that said, โ€œWhat a good thing youre doing this.โ€ He hasnt heard from other hospitals that theyre considering ignoring the puncture stop as well.

This hassle

In Zuyderland, colleagues under the age of 60 ask why they are not vaccinated, says Jongen. โ€œWe had scheduled the vaccinations twice, first with Astra, then that stop came. Then with Janssen. Same story. People have already had an invitation. The risk of complications is so small.โ€ Jonge does not understand why Minister De Jonge does not stick to the advice of the European Medicines Agency that AstraZeneca is safe.

โ€œ Before this whole thing started, the vaccination readiness for us was above 90 percent,โ€ says Jongen. โ€œBy now, people have become uncertain because of all this not-so-well-not. Now I estimate that only 70-80 percent still want it. Im also very worried, and not only about our hospital, but also about the roll-out of the rest of the people. Theyre shy. And then Im optimistic.โ€

The Ministry of Health says that last week the Minister decided that half of the first delivery of the Janssen vaccines is destined for hospitals. โ€œShould Janssens commitment be delayed, we will provide hospital staff with direct patient contact with an alternative vaccine at the shortest possible time.โ€