Hospitality and culture sector remain closed for at least ten more days

Cafes, restaurants, cinemas and theaters will remain closed for the next ten days. The cabinet finds a further relaxation unwise because the corona infections are rising rapidly. On 25 January, it will be reviewed whether the hospitality industry and the cultural sector can open.

The cabinet continues to relax the quarantine rules. Now everyone with an infected roommate must also stay indoors for ten days. That will be different: people with a crucial profession don‘t have to stay at home if a roommate is positive. These employees may not have complaints themselves, have to do a self-test every day and a PCR test after day 5.


The quarantine obligation also expires for people who had a booster at least a week ago and for people who have had corona less than eight weeks ago. With this, the cabinet hopes to prevent too many employees from sitting at home.


7 PM Prime Minister Rutte and Minister Kuipers for Health, Welfare and Sport will give a press conference, which can be followed live at NPO1.


is a lot of outrage within the hospitality industry and the cultural sector. The hospitality industry thinks it is unjust that for other sectors, such as shops, higher education and sport, relaxation are possible. Today it became known that non-essential stores will be allowed to receive customers without an appointment until 5pm. Yesterday, there was still talk that these stores would only open by appointment.

But for the hospitality industry and culture, the cabinet does not want to make an exception. The chairman of Royal Horeca Netherlands Robรจr Willemsen is baffled by the decision. โ€œIt’s worthless and clear that we‘re in the back of the line.โ€ He fears that there will be a lot of social resistance against the decision. โ€œI don’t get any of it.โ€