‘Hoss ban’ makes stadiums safer: “In the end, everything can break down”

Supporters should be banned from hosting in stands. Thats what Sander Pasterkamp, a lecturer in construction engineering at Delft University of Delft. According to him, it is common knowledge among his peers that hossen is dangerous at the same rhythm.
After Sunday afternoon
s Gelderse derby, part of the Goffertstadions outbreak collapsed when Vitesse supporters celebrated victory over the rival. The Pasterkamp did not surprise, because jumping by fans at the same time is dangerous. There are few constructions resistant to people jumping together, he says to the Algemeen Dagblad. In the end, everything could be broken.
The building engineering teacher therefore advocates a
hosban. Yesterdays footage showed that hossing was encouraged by the players. Thats really unwise. It would be best to ban this hossen. But I dont see that happening just like that. How sensible is a football supporter partying? You also run the risk that they will do it on purpose due to a ban.
A KNVB spokesperson reports to the newspaper that the union feels little about it. Stadiums are intended to be used as stadiums. So supporters should be able to celebrate there. Its hard to tell everyone to stay in their seats. The safety of these structures is a responsibility of a club and a municipality.