Hostage software still plays tricks on Gelderlands emergency services

Due to the cyber attack on the Security Region North and East Gelderland (VNOG), certain systems are still not working optimally or not at all, reports the VNOG. The organisation was hit by hostage software on Saturday.

Immediately after the attack, the VNOG said that security is not at stake and that reporting systems used by the security services work. However, the disruption does lead to inconvenience, although the security region has been practising incidents such as cybercrime.


“All the necessary actions can be carried out”, a spokesman explains. “It only takes a little longer. A fire truck normally receives data-driven data when it is out of action before it goes out on the road. This now requires a number of extra actions and that takes more time”

Experts, such as experts from the National Cyber Security Centre and the police, are investigating who is behind the cyber attack and whether those attackers have gained access to data. Attempts are also being made to restart services. “Care and security take precedence over speed”, writes the Security Region.