House Flipper authors present Honeycomb Open World Survivor

Collaboration of PlayWay with Krakow studio Frozen District from the very beginning was very successful. The famous repair simulator House Flipper sold a circulation of more than 2. 5 million copies and spawned a new trend: now in Poland at least eight games with Flipper in the title.

Now Frozen District is working on a new game that he is trying to create and publish in-house, specially opened division Frozen Way – previously he was already trusted with the House Flipper VR version. And the future game Honeycomb has little to do with repairs and simulations.

Players will get to a foreign planet in the role of a bioengineer and try to save the dying Earth – but for this first of all we need survive. We are waiting for experiments with genes, plant mutations, construction of a research station and a study of the world.

The developers say that the new project wants to pay attention to the disappearance of wild bees & mdash; an important part of the Earths ecosystem. Honeycomb will be released on Steam, but she does not have a release date yet.

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