House Flipper circulation exceeds 2.5 million

The release of the House Flipper repair simulator was successful from the beginning: the game paid off in the first day and for a while was the most successful project of PlayWay publishing house. It was with her that the era of low-budget simulators all on the world started. The publication GryOnline reported that it received from developers access to accurate sales data House Flipper.

And theyre impressive: the games total circulation reached 2. 53 million copies.

At the same time, the lions share of sales (2. 1 million) is accounted for P.

As we remember, the console release did not become a sensation. The game interested 190 thousand PlayStation 4 owners, 140 thousand Xbox One fans and 100 thousand Nintendo Switch.

Since its release in 2018, the developers have released a number of paid add-ons, and Garden Flipper sales reach 600,000 copies. And in this aspect, the global advantage for the RS: this platform bought 570 thousand copies, while on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One together accounted for about 24 thousand (on Switch no addition yet has come out) .

Studio Frozen District explains that excellent sales give it the opportunity not to hurry with the release of new additions and individual projects. This applies, in particular, to The Tenants, for which the studio acted as a publisher.

The game immediately after its early access hit the top three Best Sellers Steam, selling 100 thousand copies. As for House Flipper, the developers are working on the addition of House Flipper: Pets.

It should come out this year. And very soon, the release of Luxury DLC is expected, allowing you to convert an abandoned factory or warehouse into a luxury mansion.

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