House of Ashes release trailer is reminded of significance of selection

The authors of House of Ashes, the third installment of horror anthology The Dark Pictures, have released a trailer for the project‘s release. A new cinematic story tells the story of a group of characters exploring ancient caves, but the adventure turns into a nightmare after encountering some monsters. Players will once again have to choose how to develop the story, and not all of them may be successful for the characters.

PC โ€” 1249 RUBLES PS Store โ€” 2499 rubles Microsoft Store โ€” $30. Scores for the new part from critics were positive, although the project did not generate excessive raptures, with scores of 75 on Metacritic and 74% on OpenCritic.

โ€œIgromaniaโ€ also managed to get acquainted with the new main anthology, but it seemed a failure to us. The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes review โ€” And where’s horror? Recently, the developers announced the fourth story of the compilation, titled The Devil in Me, which is slated for release in 2022.

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