House of Ashes writers upload second part of interview with Ashley Tisdale

Bandai Namco continues to talk about the upcoming horror The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes โ€” this time the developers shared the second part of an interview with actress Ashley Tisdale , who played the role of Rachel. Tisdale spoke about the acting process, noting that it was a very interesting experience for her. The actors were not allowed to touch each other, so it was particularly interesting to play a kiss scene under these conditions.

The actress also admitted that she could hardly survive what she was going through the heroine in House of Ashes โ€” in her place she would have left at the beginning of the mission. As for survival strategy in horror scenarios, Tisdale follows the following rules: explore only in a group of people, not alone, and escape from the monster rather than fight it.

In the first parts of the interview the actress spoke more about her heroin. House of Ashes will be released on 22 October on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

The preboot is due to begin on October 20. More on CCeit Officially: Zombie Mode Trailer for Call of Duty: Vanguard Genshin Impact Authors Refuse Collaboration With Elon Musk After Criticizing Abandoned Prologue coming out in early 2022 is a separate game.