“House of Atreides Ready”: The main trailer for Denis Villeneuves “Dunes”

The main trailer for Deni Villeneuves Dune is set to premiere in cinemas on October 14 and on HBO Max. The story, as in the original, is set to tell about how the heir to the Atreides house named Paul (Timothy Chalamet) goes with his family to the dangerous planet Arrakis. It is full of sand and huge worms, but there is also a resource that has caused conflicts in the galaxy.

After seizing power, Paul will have to go into hiding and overcome Arrakis ordeal. Not long ago, the authors presented posters with the heroes of the tape.

Incidentally, regarding the controversy about the translation of the work — in dubbing the main character was named Paul, not Paul. Duplicated Trailer Original Language Trailer More on Chernobylite Gaming will be released on September 7 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Valve has announced a contest for skins for CS:GO.

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