House of Representatives commemorates Elizabeth: ‘Kingship reads like history book’

The House of Representatives commemorated the British Queen Elizabeth. She died last week at the age of 96. President of Parliament Bergkamp characterized the queen as the constant factor in a constantly changing world.

She said that the queen fulfilled her task with unparalleled dedication, persevering and steadfast over a rare period of 70 years. According to the President of Parliament, Elizabeths death marks โ€œthe end of an eraโ€.

โ€œHer enormous sense of duty and work ethic are famous,โ€ Bergkamp added. She emphasized that the queen continued to work until it really wasnt possible. โ€œAlmost literally until the last gasp.โ€

According to the President of Parliament, the British Queen managed to keep the monarchy afloat and was always aware of the great symbolism of her actions. Bergkamp further said that Elizabeth combined her sense of responsibility with โ€œa certain lightness and a sometimes brilliant sense of timingโ€.

Kingship reads like a history book

Deputy Prime Minister Kaag also spoke in the Chamber of the End of an Era: โ€œHer kingship reads like a history book and is in fact so: a book that begins during reconstruction and that the turbulent sixties, the IRAs terror threats, the Falklands War, the rise of Labour and covers Thatcherism.โ€

Kaag also pointed out that Elizabeths role as a beacon remained in a changing world: โ€œShe sailed on the waves of time while steadfastly setting her own course.โ€ And Kaag emphasized the queens sense of duty and desire to work. โ€œDying in armor is a well-known concept, that she has given a special charge,โ€ said the Deputy Prime Minister.

Four trips to the Netherlands

Kaag recalled that Elizabeth visited the Netherlands four times: โ€œThere she expressed her great interest in the long-term historical connection that exists between our countries.โ€

The British ambassador to the Netherlands was present at the commemoration. In the House of Representatives, there are more frequent commemorations after the death of heads of state of countries with which the Netherlands has close relations.

Last week, the House also briefly considered the queen. This happened immediately after her death became known.