House of Representatives demands that repay bonus amount

The House of Representatives demands that holiday platform โ€œat leastโ€ repay the value of the bonuses for the three top directors, which are distributed in the form of shares. The parties believe that the company has been wrong with the Dutch corona aid., which is part of a US parent company with a billion-dollar turnover, received 65 million euros in the first round of the NOW wage support. The bonuses will only be paid in the future, according to the company, but represent a value of possibly 28 million euros.

Demissionary Minister Great Tit said last week that there is nothing legally to do about the bonuses. At the first round of wage support, the government had not yet determined that bonuses should not be paid.

In the House of Representatives there was a lot of surprise and anger at the decision of the company. For example, the VVD and Denk called for a boycott and the ChristianUnion quoted the biblical text money-sigh is the root of all evil.

The SP, who will submit the broadly supported motion later today, went to the companys office building last night to hang protest sheets.

Booking says in a response to follow the debate in society and House of Representatives closely. โ€œWe take this very seriously and understand the sensitivity of this topic,โ€ says a spokesman. The company does not consider whether the aid will be repaid in the future.

Furthermore, Booking claims to have opted for a bonus in the form of shares, because the future is still unpredictable. โ€œThese shares can only be sold in the next few years, depending on the companys performance and the ability to achieve certain objectives if the recovery continues,โ€ says the spokesman.

Foreign Minister of Great Tit for Social Affairs will respond to the Courts ruling in the debate on corona aid. He also wants the minister to have a conversation with the company himself.