House of Representatives votes for Trumps expulsion

President Trump is the first American president in history to undergo an impeachment twice. The House of Representatives agreed to start the procedure. President Trump released a message during the debate calling for โ€œcalm.โ€

The Democrats had no doubt as to whether President Trump should be deposed. โ€œWe know that the President of the United States incited this insurrection, this armed rebellion, against our country,โ€ said the Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi. โ€œHe must go. He is a clear danger to this country we love.โ€ Democrats also want to send a clear signal to future presidents.

The debate took place in the room where Trump supporters were violently invaded a week earlier. In the storm, five people were killed, including a cop. Destruction was also done. In the meantime, seventy arrests have been made. The FBI expects hundreds of arrests to take place.

Political witch hunt

Trumps words for the storming of the Capitol are, according to the Democrats, a clear reason to depose the president, even though Trump has less than a week to go. โ€œWe have to fight hard, otherwise we will no longer have a country,โ€ said Trump to his already frustrated supporters. He called for a walk to the Capitol together.

Republicans also voted for impeachment, including the number three in the House, Liz Cheney, daughter of former Vice President Cheney. But the majority of Republicans in the House of Representatives see nothing in impeachment. The partys Trump wing spoke in particular of Black Lives Matter protests, which they said were much more violent. They echoed the words of Trump, who previously called it a โ€œpolitical witch hunt.โ€

McCarthy wants a motion of censure

The Republican leader in the House, Kevin McCarthy thinks Trump is โ€œresponsibleโ€ for the storming. โ€œHe should have rejected the riots immediately.โ€ But he finds such a quick deposition procedure too in a hurry. โ€œIt would be a mistake to impeacher the president in such a short time frame.โ€

In addition, an impeachment would cause more unrest, says McCarthy. โ€œA vote for impeachment would divide this country further. A vote for impeachment will further ignite the flames of political division.โ€ The Republican calls for a motion of censure and a committee of inquiry.

Now its up to the Senate to decide whether President Trump should actually be deposed. That will take place only after Bidens inauguration, on 20 January. It is still unclear whether there is enough Republican support conviction in the Senate. Democrats need help to achieve the necessary two-thirds majority.

The Republican leader in Senate Mitch McConnell sent a signal to his colleagues by leaking that he believes Trumps behavior is cause for impeachment. But he says he doesnt know what hes going to vote yet, and the question is how many Republicans would follow him against President Trump.

Trump sent a call for calm during the debate. He brought this out through an official press release from the White House, and a text to his supporters, using his campaign phone number. It was the first text since the storm.