House of Representatives wants independent investigation of evacuations Afghanistan

The House of Representatives wants an independent investigation into the evacuations from Afghanistan last month. This is evidenced by a tour of parties. There will be a debate on the evacuations tomorrow and the proposal will be discussed.

CDA MP Boswijk says fundamental mistakes have been made. โ€œIt is very important that the ministry does not investigate that on its own. It really needs to be done independently.โ€ For example, Boswijk proposes that former judges or military specialists form a committee of inquiry.

Horts bumps

Last month, according to the cabinet, 1673 people were evacuated from the Afghan capital to the Netherlands. That went with fits and bumps: the evacuations did not start immediately, and in the end not everyone who was entitled to them is from Kabul. There was limited time for the evacuations because the Taliban had set a deadline for Western soldiers to leave the country.

Criticism that sounded recently is that the cabinet was not well prepared for the Taliban advance. Ministries would also have worked side by side.

Bottom Stone

PvdA-MP Piri calls it โ€œvery important that the bottom stone comes upโ€. She says she has hope that will happen tomorrow in the Chamber debate. But if not โ€œa conclusion may be that an independent committee should be set up to investigate itโ€.

All the information about the evacuations so far comes from the cabinet itself, says GroenLinks MP Bromet. โ€œWe would like to know what an independent body thinks about the course of business.โ€

The parties are still discussing what the investigation should look like. Tomorrows debate begins at 11.30 a.m. and Prime Minister Rutte, Minister Kaag (Foreign Affairs), Minister Bijleveld (Defence) and Secretary of State Broekers-Knol (Justice) are present on behalf of the Cabinet.