Household question: how to remove grease stains from frosted glass?

Our household expert Zamarra Kok deals with pressing questions from readers every week. This week, among other things, she will tell you how to remove stains from frosted glass.

Frosted glass

Jenny Scheurwater: โ€œHow to remove grease stains from frosted glass?โ€

Zamarra: My glass specialist gives the following tip: Never use glass cleaner for this, this leaves stains on frosted glass. You better take a soft scouring pad with a few drops of chlorine bleach on it.


Peter Drenth: โ€œHow to get second-glue from laminate?โ€

Zamarra: Unfortunately, I do not have a handy home remedy for this. Chardened second glue is only mechanical, so by scratching, removing.


Jacqueline Rozendal has a tip: โ€œThe most effective way to clean glass dishes is to add a scoop of baking soda to water. I‘ve been using this for burnt pans for years. Everything again super fast clean and shiny.โ€

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