Housemarque hears players requests for saves at Returnal

Players and journalists agree that the inability to persist before going to the Returnal seems to be a very strange limitation – in other games of the genre this is avoided. Even in Hades, where a full run can take about 30 minutes, the game quietly retains progress when exiting in the middle of an adventure — however in the Returnal when leaving the game during the run, there is no save, and you will have to start from the very beginning. In this case, one passage can be delayed for 2-3 hours.

Many call it a strange and artificial limitation – when starting the game, by the way, they warn about it, noting that players can put the console into sleep mode with a running project — in this way they will be able to return to passing in the same place. However, for example, if in the middle of the race you want to play something else – for example, in Call of Duty with friends, you will either have to say goodbye to all the progress for the race, or try to get through game.

Here the Quick Resume function with Xbox Series would have been perfectly suited, but on the PS5 it is not. Now the developers write that “they hear fans”, but so far they have nothing to declare.

Funny, but in the comments have already unfolded heated discussions. Someone writes that it is necessary to quickly interrogate the game, until under the pressure of the casuals it is not simplified, and others are puzzling – how the opportunity to make temporary preservation at all will affect the complexity.

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