Houses damaged after planned explosion of World War II bomb in England

In the English city of Exeter, several houses were damaged when a bomb from World War II was detonated.

The explosion led to a large, gray cloud:

Windows of premises in a radius of one hundred meters jumped and cracks appeared in masonry. The explosion could be heard up to eight kilometers away, and the explosive, according to police, left a crater the size of a double-decker.

About 2600 homes had been evacuated as a precaution. The dud was wrapped in 400 tons of sand by explosive experts to reduce the blast as much as possible.

A thousand kilos

The bomb was dropped in World War II by a German aircraft. In the war, this type of bomb was nicknamed Hermann, because it reminded of the corpulent appearance of Nazi headpiece Hermann Gรถring. The bomb was found this week during construction work near the campus of Exeter University.

The exact damage caused by the explosion is still being investigated. The police are hoping that tonight the first people will be able to return to their homes.