Houston Police Department finds more than 90 immigrants in property

American police officers found more than 90 people in a residential home in the city of Houston after receiving a report of a kidnapping. Police suspect the property was at the center of a human smuggling operation.

The immigrants, but five all men, were taken out of the house and received food and water, according to the police. โ€œThey were more or less in their basic clothes and all sat together,โ€ said a police spokesman. Among the discovered persons there were no children.

Some of the people in the premises showed signs of corona infection, including loss of taste and sense of smell. According to the police, the strangers hadnt eaten anything in a while.

After the immigrants had been given mouthcaps, they were carried away with white buses. The police said on Friday that they had not arrested anyone in connection with the case and did not want to make any further announcements while the investigation is still ongoing.