How Azarkan did not appear in Newssuur

This week in Nieuwsuur we started our series of conversations with lists of the 13 parties who are now in the House of Representatives.

The first party we wanted to look at was Denk, with the guest leader Farid Azarkan. On the day of broadcast, last Wednesday, he turned out to be unable to come: he was overtired and could not visit the Nieuwsuur-studio.

That day, we had a lot of contact with Denk. We did everything in our power to make a broadcast. It is crucial for Nieuwsuur that all sounds can be heard. That is why we have alternatives: to conduct the conversation remotely, via a connection or, if necessary, via Skype or Facetime. So that the load on Azarkan was as light as possible. We even offered to receive number two, Tunahan Kuzu.

When all this turned out to be no option, we went a step further and looked at an alternative broadcast date. And so we offered to receive Azarkan on Sunday.

We had good hopes that we could do that. After all, Denk also said it was important to appear in Nieuwsuur and Thursday morning the apparently recovered Azarkan tweeted that he was โ€œupsetโ€ that he could not come to Nieuwsuur:

The Think-leader picked up his activities again, was a guest in De 5 Hour Show and BijCCEit on 3, so nothing seemed to stand in the way of appearing at Nieuwsuur on Sunday. Unfortunately, on Thursday the party announced that it will not succeed either because the agenda is too full of activities.

Newshour regrets that. The open political debate and a critical journalistic test are crucial. Always, but certainly in election time. It is as disappointing as it is regrettable as it is.