How can testing be better, according to the GGD? / The billions of Wopke and Wiebes / Hurry human dogs

How can testing be better, according to the GGD?

The GGDs are currently undergoing a lot of criticism, including about the way they are being managed in the corona crisis and the speed at which they are scaling up their testing capacity. Could their approach be better, and how? Andrรฉ Rouvoet, who took office last month as chairman of the GGD-GHOR umbrella organisation, is coming to talk about it.

Who gets the billions from Wopke and Wiebes?

It was announced last year with a lot of bombardment: the Wopke-Wiebes fund. The tens of billions of euros borrowed were supposed to boost our economy by investing in projects with which we might be able to make money in the future.

The fund didn’t seem to get there for a while because of the corona crisis, but it will still be presented on Monday – albeit somewhat downsized – under the name National Growth Fund. Nieuwsuur speaks to people who think the billions should be put into their idea.

Hurry human dogs

Is it a dog or is it a human being? That question creeps up on you when you see the dog pictures of William Wegman. So-called Weimaraner dogs – those are hunting dogs – are for the American artist’s muse.

Starting this weekend, Fotomuseum Den Haag will present an overview of Wegmans’s oeuvre. In the broadcast a reportage.