How do you remove a president whos not president anymore?

What happened?

What exactly did Trump do?

On November 3, the US presidential election was held. The battle went between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, who first got the most votes. But Donald Trump absolutely disagreed with that. In speeches on television and especially on his Twitter account, he spoke of stolen elections, complained that things had not gone fair, and accused the other party of fraud with the number of votes counted.

He also regularly called on his supporters to take action to save America and mirrored them for their resistance to be the only option to save the country from destruction.

On January 6, Biden was officially approved as president by members of Congress, the U.S. Senate and Second Chamber in the US Parliament, the Capitol. Outside there was a demonstration of Trump supporters who were angry at the vote fraud, which was not evidence at the time.

Trump himself gave a speech at that demonstration in which he called on his supporters to โ€œfight hardโ€ and go to the Capitol. That happened, after which a large group of protesters overpowered the police and stormed the Capitol. In the end, five people were killed, one police officer and four protesters.

Politicians from Joe Bidens Democratic Party as well as some of Trumps own Republican party feel that Trump has let it get out of hand and hold him responsible.

Who finds what?

There are a few things very unique about this. First of all, the most logical thing: Trump is no longer a president at all. So theres a lot of things to fire, because hes already gone. Trumps lawyers use this as the most important argument: it would be the first time that a president has been sentenced after his resignation, and they say that the constitution does not say that it is allowed.

But the Democrats and a few Republicans dont want Trump to walk away without punishment with the storm of the Capitol. A deposition (impeachment) would send the signal to Americans that no one will get away with this, even if you were president at that time and not even if you are already gone. This impeachment also makes it impossible for Trump to enter the elections again after four years of President Biden.

How does such an impeachment work?

Step 1

To start an impeachment, a majority of the United States House of Representatives must be convinced that the president has broken the law. Previously, that majority, half the number of members plus one, appeared to exist.

Step 2

This week its the Senates First Chamber of the United States. The chief prosecutor is the one who accuses Trump of having incited his supporters to โ€œrebellionโ€ and therefore needs to be deposed. He will be showing Senate members a lot of videos and tweets from the former president next week to make his point clear. He also says he has videos of activists during the storming and of people who have now been arrested for the riots who say in court that they did it because the president had to.

On the other hand, Trumps two lawyers. They can tell the members of the Senate why Trump should not be deposed. Not only do they use the argument that it should not and should not be done at all because he is already gone. They also say that Trump never really called for violence and that his other statements fall under freedom of expression.

Step 3

The members of the Senate, after listening to everything, are allowed to decide whether Trump is really being deposed or not, so they vote for or against impeachment. The chances of Trump actually becoming impeacht are small. This does not require a simple majority, but two-thirds of the Members must vote in favour. The Republicans, Trumps party, are unlikely to do that.

Extra Step

Yet Trump doesnt get rid of everything. In order to ensure that he is never allowed to do anything in politics again, a new vote can be requested. In order to achieve this, only a simple majority is needed, and the Democrats have that majority at the moment. Also, there is still a good chance that Trump will have to answer for his part in the storming of the Capitol in court.