How does your pet survive the cold?

The winter weather has been bringing fun to many children for days. But for some animals, the cold and the snow is a lot less fine. In the video above, youll hear what you can do to keep your pet warm enough.

Cold legs

Veterinarian Mandy van Koppen knows a lot about animals in the cold. According to her, most animals can actually take care of themselves. Dogs usually have good fur. The only problem is their paws. It can therefore help lubricate the legs with petroleum jelly.

Cats also need little extras. Most cats do not like snow so much and will soon come in. So make sure that the cat hatch stays open, says Mandy.

In a loft

According to Mandy, chickens are fine in the cold. Rabbits too, they make a winter coat. However, it is important that the lofts are not too much in the wind. Provide a sheltered place with extra straw.

Its not necessarily a good idea to bring them in. Precisely because they have a winter coat, it can feel like theyre sitting in the sauna with a fur coat, says Mandy.