How important is the sex of your baby?

It seems as if the obsession with the sex of an upcoming baby has grown increasingly in recent years. With the gender reveal parties blown over from America, a pink or blue stamp is placed on a newborn child with a lot of bombary, while at this time many voices stand up for a gender-neutral upbringing.

Cutting a cake, piercing a balloon or even firing a smoke cannon to see if the contents are pink or blue. For some, the sex propulsion of their baby can not be crazy enough. Actress Marly van der Velden even painted the whole House ter Duin blue to reveal the gender of her child, reports De Cceit.

Gender identity

The criticism of these gender reveal parties has been growing more and more recently. It would put too much emphasis on the sex of the baby, just as big steps are being made in the debate on gender identity, transgender and gender neutrals.

In addition, how important is the sex of the baby? Its a clichรฉ, but its no less true: as long as the baby is healthy, does it matter? A party for the arrival of a baby is of course fun, but the question is whether the emphasis should be so strong on gender.

Not for granted


Some also believe that having a preference for a gender is not respectful to couples who are difficult to conceive. For example, model Kim Feenstra chose to leave the genus unknown. โ€œFor us it is very special that we can experience this happiness, especially after an ivf trajectory. No gender reveals on our part. We know that it is not self-evident.โ€

Gender neutral

More and

more parents choose to raise their child gender neutral, as is actress Jelka van Houten and comedian Henry van Loon. No gender reveal, no pink and blue clothes and no princess or knights room specifically for a boy or a girl.

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. Having a baby is incredibly special. That may be celebrated! But should the sex of the baby be emphasized in this?

How important is the sex of the baby to you? Are you focusing on gender with a party? Or do you find holding a gender reveal party outdated? Talk to us through our Facebook page.