How the Final Fantasy XIV team is coping with record server load

Since the beginning of the year, Final Fantasy XIV‘s active audience has been growing on yeast โ€” the game is gradually breaking online records, and Square Enix has to streamline servers and even suspend sales to stabilize the project. Even months later, the problem with player capacity remains more urgent than ever. Today, the publisher outlined the measures it is taking to improve the situation: by the end of the day European servers will change configurations by the end of September, the iron servers will improve the American data center Aether is already overburdened โ€” you can’t create new heroes there, although developers have tried not to let it happen and are now looking for a solution Square Enix wants to open new data centers, but the shortage semiconductors slows down the process considerably.

Why is everyone running from World of Warcraft in Final Fantasy XIV and what is it good at? The publisher is clearly trying to resolve the situation in time for the fall premiere of the fifth expansion Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, when the game clearly gets even more attention. Right now, MMORPG is available on PS5, PS4 and PC.

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