How the Internet Reacted to Microsoft Buying Activision Blizzard

Yesterday it became known that Microsoft decided to buy Activision Blizzard – and Internet users hurried to share their opinion on the deal. As expected, on social networks a large number of memes, jokes, as well as further calls for the removal of Bobby Kotic from the post of head of Activision Blizzard, who retained his post, despite accusations of cruel attitude towards employees, as well as ignoring problems related to harassment and discrimination. By the way, according to the WSJ, Kotik may leave his post after the completion of the transaction, but the information but back to the reaction of the Internet: Phil Spencer when he heard the Sony gamepass rumours pic.

twitter. com/mdzyb81NSR— David (@xFleXy_) January 18, 2022*Information that some Activision games will be Xbox/PC exclusive* PlayStation fans today at the home of Phil SpencerSo now Microsoft owns all Activision Blizzard IPS.

This includes Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo. .

. and dont forget Candy Crush.

https://t. co/T7QCvmwHUh pic.

twitter. com/Guuam2IVKP— PCMR (@TheNCSmaster) January 18, 2022Bobby Kotik on their first day at XBox, what do they have in common? pic.

twitter. com/9hn6ywdohh— Mikhail Shevkun (#xbox #blizzard pic.

twitter. com/g3jxtKNHp6— ✿ (a little absent) (@sun_brooo) January 18, 2022Microsoft buys Activision and now the game localization issue is finally resolved.

pic. twitter.

com/unahgg4ijf— Lyonchik (@blasterisfaster) January 18, 2022Batya returns sober, in the hand of Activision Blizzard— Alexander Ammosov (@AlexTremo_uwu) January 18, 2022I dont have anything else.

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except Spider-Man— I wont pay Bobby a cent more— What about Phil? – Yes, I can it*At the PlayStation office*Overwatch after Microsoft acquires Activision Blizzard pic. twitter.

com/SODKEHU7BN— Winny Bojangles (@WinnyBojangleTV) January 18, 2022Overwatch after how Microsoft bought Activision Blizzard The entire world is about to forget that Crash Bandicoot was ever associated with PlayStation pic.

twitter. com/xdogubcfwn— Clap Bandicheeks @Bloops_) January 18, 2022Crash Bandicoot regrets removing the tattooThen and nowpic.

twitter. com/qja1xpukxd— Toha Vocabres (#XboxGamePass pic.

twitter. com/ddjlrza2j— Gavin (@GoneEFK) January 18, 2022I: Monopoly is bad, too: Activision Blizzards toxic work environment is coming to an end (please?) Watch out!! #Microsoft pic.

twitter. com/xtgWhzDoyv— Claudio Gonzalez R.

(@Kanito_2012) January 18, 2022Beware Ubisoft! Are you nextyo wtf microsoft game in Uncharted 4 pic.

twitter. com/vx8Obusire— Walrus @Walrus_9000) January 18, 2022Microsofts game in Uncharted 4? More on Gambling Bobby Kotik: a deal with Microsoft will help Activision Blizzard create a metaverse.

The animated spin-off of Boys called Diabolical will be shown on March 4 by NPD: Call of Duty: Vanguard has become the best-selling game of 2021 in the US.