How the KNVB ended up with De Boer as successor to Koeman

There has been a lot of speculation about the succession of Ronald Koeman as national coach for a month. Numerous names passed in review, but it is Frank de Boer with whom the football association eventually ended up.

The chronology of a search, which led to the man who was on the list of contenders from the very first moment.

Monday 17 August

Ronald Koeman informs the KNVB that he does not want to cancel FC Barcelona for a third time. He makes use of the clause in his contract that gives him the right to leave as national coach of the Dutch national team.

The news is soon out on the streets and the same evening Barcelona announces that Quique Setiรฉn has been dismissed. This clears the way for Koeman.

Wednesday 19 August

FC Barcelona presents Ronald Koeman as its new trainer. Director Eric Gudde from the KNVB reacts disappointed. Orange with Koeman felt like a tailor-made suit. If you look at where we come from and where we are now, I would have liked to do the European Championships together. That is where the disappointment lies

Gudde immediately gets questions about the follow-up. Initially, we are looking for the most suitable trainer for this group. Then we‘ll see whether or not he’s free.

Ronald was a manager of the whole staff, brought out the best in all his staff. Moreover, there was an incredibly good connection between him and the players. Those are the characteristics we are now looking for again

Friday 21 August

At Erik ten Hag, the KNVB does not have to knock on the door for the time being. Fortunately, the Ajax trainer is in his current position and is not making himself available.

Tuesday 25 August

Erwin van de Looi, youth national coach, will temporarily be added to the technical staff of the Dutch national team. Immediately after Koeman’s departure, the KNVB has already announced that Dwight Lodeweges will be the main person in charge of the internationals against Poland and Italy at the beginning of September.

The football association chooses care over speed and takes the time to find a suitable successor for Koeman.

Sunday 30 August

Louis van Gaal makes himself heard. To the CCeit’s question as to whether he is available, Van Gaal answers: If they approach me, I will give it serious thought In other words: Van Gaal does not rule out a third period as a national coach in advance.

Monday 31 August

The Orange players gather in Zeist for the interlands against Poland and Italy. Of course, the departure of Koeman and his succession is the topic of conversation. Captain Virgil van Dijk: As playerscouncil we have given our opinion. I am not saying that we have mentioned names, but of course we have our preferences. But it is up to the KNVB

Peter Bosz, who still has a contract with Bayer Leverkusen until mid-2022, states that he is not working on a possible national coach. It only makes sense to think about that if you are asked. And I am not. So why should I think about it?, he informs the AD.

In addition, Leverkusen’s leadership would not be open to a departure of the coach either. It makes Bosz not a candidate for the KNVB at the moment.

Sunday 6 September

It is Henk ten Cate‘s day. In his online talk show for Football International, Kees Jansma brings the news that the players’ council of the Dutch national team has put forward Ten Cate as its new national coach.

Complete nonsense, Marten de Roon parries through the players‘ group. The players’ council has a lot of contact with the management of the KNVB about anything and everything, but names or lists of names have not been discussed

Ten Cate has not been approached by the KNVB, but does have an ear for the job. If it‘s true, I would consider it an honour.

Friday 11 September

Frank Rijkaard, through his manager Perry Overeem, announces that he is not available as a national coach. Rijkaard was already a national coach from 1998 to 2000. Since 2013 he no longer has a position in football.

In the middle of De CCeit’s reports, Overeem states that Rijkaard has been approached by the KNVB. That would not be correct with regard to other candidates

Sunday 13 September

Frank de Boer is a guest at a broadcast of Fox Sports and says he is open to the vacant position of national coach. I am very honoured to be mentioned. I have not yet been approached, but I am happy to be mentioned in a row with trainers such as Frank Rijkaard and Peter Bosz

Is it a dream job for me? In any case, it would be a great honour for me to be the national coach of this country. After the Prime Minister, it is perhaps the most important job in the Netherlands that everyone is talking about

Thursday 17 September

Exactly one month after Ronald Koeman informed the KNVB that he would be leaving, it becomes known that the football association Frank de Boer is looking for a successor.