How to eat your neighbor: Rusty Lake Hotel is given free on Steam, on iOS and on Android

Independent studio Rusty Lake six years ago created a gaming world full of oddities and surrealism, which called it the same way: Rusty Lake. And in honor of this event, developers make a gift to all lovers of puzzles: the game Rusty Lake Hotel until May 1 can be picked up for free. In the mystical quest Rusty Lake Hotel we have to get to the hotel with five anthropomorphic lodgers.

The hotel has to serve dinner five times, and the ingredients for five dinners will have to mine us. And it is possible that one of the neighbors in the process will be a victim.

Rusty Lake Hotel – a series of puzzles lined up as an โ€œescape from the roomโ€. For the birthday, the game was updated, now, in particular, in it you can replay each room, and you will not have to start everything in case of error.

You can pick up the gift both on Steam and on the site Itch. io, as well as on iOS and Android.

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