How to move on to the ambassadors in Turkey? ‘International riot if this goes on’

Turkish President Erdogan said in a speech yesterday that he ordered the Dutch ambassador Marjanne de Kwaasteniet and ambassadors from nine other countries. The governments of the countries concerned are still reacting reluctantly so far and say they await the situation.

Experts fear an international diplomatic riot and doubt whether there is interference โ€” as Erdogan claims.

The ambassadors who may be expelled had spoken out in a joint statement for the release of businessman and philanthropist Osman Kavala. Hes been stuck without trial since 2017. He is accused in Turkey of funding demonstrations in 2013 and being involved in the failed coup in 2016.

In addition to the Dutch ambassador, the ambassadors of Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, France, the United States, Canada and New Zealand are also threatened to be expelled. There, too, the case is being monitored carefully.

Erdogan sees the ambassadors call as interference in an internal matter. According to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Movement, which lays down the rules for diplomats, diplomats have a duty to โ€œnot interfere in the home affairs of the host countryโ€.

Dutch experts doubt the interference of diplomats. Erik-Jan Zรผrcher, Professor Emeritus of Turkish Languages and Cultures: โ€œThey didnt say anything to my knowledge about Turkish justice. They just said that Turkey must comply with a judgment of the European Court of Human Rightsโ€.

The statement issued by the ambassadors in this case is a position of the governments that sent them, says diplomacy expert Robert van de Ruer. โ€œAn ambassador is nothing more than a messenger of government positions, an envoy to his government. Moreover, the European Court – which Turkey is a member of – has also said that Kavala should be released.โ€

At the same time, it remains to be questioned whether the ambassadors will actually be deported, say the experts. Van de Rudder: โ€œErdogan said this in a speech and it seems especially Bokito behavior to generate domestic applause. Behind the scenes, among others, German diplomats are trying to deescalate the situation.โ€

However, Van de Roer considers it unlikely that Erdogan will return โ€œjust a momentโ€ from his decision. โ€œHes not the type of leader who says one day: Ill turn them out of the country and the next day yells, theyre very welcome.โ€

Other Thoughts

Thats how Zรผrcher sees it. โ€œThey have been totally robbed in circles of the Turkish Foreign Ministry. I think they will still try to change Erdogans mind. On the other hand, he would suffer a lot of loss of vision if he didnt turn them off right now.โ€

Van de Rudder fears a riot. โ€œIf this really goes on, you have an international riot. There are not only bilateral countermeasures from the affected countries against Turkey, but also protest by the European Union and NATO, because they are quite a few ambassadors from EU and NATO countries.โ€