How to paint a gnome: showed the passage of Model Builder

Independent Polish studio Moonlit and Green Man Gaming Publishing released a free public version of their future Model Builder simulator the other day. And gamescom 2021 showed its passage with developer comments. Model Builder will have two modes.

In a traditional story, we will inherit a small workshop, and we will be able to study it, practice creating and coloring miniatures and models, and in time to improve and expand our territory and assortment of opportunities. In sandbox mode, all tools and templates will be available from the outset, and only our own fantasy will limit us.

The game will feature both real-life models and assets from various games. In particular, in the demo, we can paint the Dwarf of Titan Forge and assemble the British Supermarine Spitfire fighter.

Not long ago, the games creators announced a collaboration with Frostpunk authors: the game will feature mechanisms from the cold world. Model Builder is released in October on RS.

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