How to put a surprising stew on the table

It‘s winter and of course a tasty mash is part of it! But that does not necessarily mean that you have to put the calibrated variants on the table. Three special stew jars in a row.

Chicory mash with pear

Summers and winters at the same time. Who loves a sweetness is good with this recipe! The base is a light mash with crรจme fraรฎche instead of butter or milk to make the mashed potatoes. Mix finely chopped chicory into it. Fry some bacon and put two quarters of a nice ripe pear on the plate with the chicory mash. Sprinkle with walnuts or bacon, and a hint of grated matured sheep cheese. A little summer in the winter!

Red cabbage mash with sausage

You can also put something completely different through your stew, such as red cabbage and cranberry compote. An idea from our loyal reader Jetty Meun from Arnhem. First, drain the red cabbage well and put it with the cranberry compote in a saucepan and warm up slowly. Mash this through your boiled potatoes, add some butter or milk if necessary and serve with a tasty beef sausage.

Putty or brown bean stew

The name may not sound so tasty, but that’s the stew! You cook 1 kg of potatoes and heat a pound of brown beans. Drain the beans and potatoes and save some of the moisture. Mash boiled potatoes and beans and add some fried bacon and silver onions. Make creamy with moisture and milk. Season with pepper.

Eat tasty!