Hubert Bruls annoys himself at vaccination lobby: Thats what you get when you give in.

Chairman of the Security Council and Mayor of Nijmegen Hubert Bruls is disturbed by the priority given to specialists such as ic-arts Diederik Gommers in the vaccination process. That‘s what he says in a TV show by Broadcasting Gelderland.

Bruls does not think it is right to deviate from the advice of the Health Council, which advised residents of nursing homes to be vaccinated first. โ€œI was surprised and disturbed by the fact that professional specialists representing Mr. Gommers start their lobby via television and then seem to get their way. And that deviated from the advice of the Health Council,โ€ he says to Omroep Gelderland.

Moreover, according to him, this also sets a precedent for other professions such as general practitioners, teachers, police officers and boas. โ€œThat’s what you get when you give in to a lobby of specialist hospitals.โ€

According to Bruls, the people in nursing homes would first come to their turn. โ€œThat would be the first group. But that group has yet to start now, while a lot of people are being vaccinated.โ€

Handicapped boy

Bruls made his statements following a remark by columnist Annemarie Haverkamp. She wants her disabled 16-year-old son to be vaccinated, but he is not yet eligible because of his age.