Human Fall Flats fifth anniversary timed to coincide with a level competition

Studio No Brakes Games and publishing house Curve Digital have decided in an unusual way to mark the coming fifth anniversary of the physical platformer Human: Fall Flat, which will be celebrated on July 22. They announced the 5th Anniversary Level Design Competition. Everyone wishing to take part can come up with the craziest level for universal fun, draw, sculpt, mock or another way (up to baking) submit your idea, describe details and post it on social media or other permissible way.

The level that won the competition will be added to the game on RS and consoles. And its creator will receive an additional prize: Arctis 7 SteelSeries headphones and SteelSeries Qck+ mouse playing surface.

The same game mats will be awarded to two more finalists. Applications are available until August 12.

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