Human remains found in alligator after woman saw attack

An alligator who allegedly killed a 71-year-old American a day after Hurricane Ida has been captured and killed. When agents opened the animal‘s stomach, human remains were found.

Presumably the remains of Timothy are Satterlee. Satterlee was last seen August 30 when he was checking the storm damage to his residence in Slidell (55 km north of New Orleans). Presumably he was caught in the high water around his home by the alligator.

The beast weighed nearly 240 kilos and was 2.5 metres long, which is exceptionally large for alligators in this part of Louisiana. After a two-week search, the animal was spotted near the victim’s residence on Tuesday using a drone. The animal was lured into a trap and then received a syringe. Research is now ensuing to determine definitively whether the remains found are of Satterlee.

Woman saw drama

Satterlee‘s wife saw the drama happen with her own eyes. She had to watch the animal jerk off an arm before she could take action. The 68-year-old woman then managed to drive the alligator away, but failed to get her fiercely bleeding and unconscious man out of the water, police report. She had to leave her husband on a half-flooded staircase to get help. When she came back, there was no one left. โ€œThis horrible nightmare is almost impossible to comprehend,โ€ said a police spokesman. Police hope the woman can begin processing the tragedy through the find of the remains.

Swamp Area

The victim’s home is near a swamp area where many tourists come to watch alligators. Alligators rarely attack humans, but if their food supplies are moved like during the hurricane, they can become aggressive.